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InfoSecurus brings a tailored approach to securing your sensitive information and assuring data continuity. Serving both regulated and non-regulated industries of all sizes, InfoSecurus holds itself to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. InfoSecurus is well known as one of the leading penetration testing providers in the Northeast, and their consultants assist companies to implement stringent security policies and build awareness at every level of the organization.

pdf-downloadSecurity Testing

When striving to meet new information security standards or industry best practices, your success must be measured at the most vulnerable point in your information infrastructure. But where, precisely, is that point?

InfoSecurus can thoroughly examine every part of your organization to comprehensively assess security in systems, networks, processes, and procedures.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Social Engineering

Software Security

As perimeter security infrastructure continues to mature, hackers are attacking applications directly. Because the majority of software developers do not integrate security into development, applications present a significant risk exposure. Securing existing applications and making informed software procurement decisions are critical elements of a robust information security program. Partnering with InfoSecurus ensures the security of your application environment, and the critical information that is the cornerstone of your successful business. Software security services include:

  • Application Risk Assessment
  • Application Penetration Testing


Rely on InfoSecurus to help you master the bewildering array of elements required to meet regulatory compliance, while maintaining a clear focus on your global business goals. InfoSecurus uses industry-standard metrics in our risk assessment methodologies and can assist with any aspects that require third-party involvement.

  • Risk Assessments
  • IT Security Audits
  • Policy and Process Development
  • ISO Support
  • Business Continuity
  • Vendor Management
  • Incident Response

Security Training

InfoSecurus offers information security training tailored to the specific needs of each level of your organization.

Board and executive-level training focuses on the information decision makers and data-owners require with no fluff and not a minute wasted. Technical personnel require in-depth skills-based training -how to configure, administer and support the systems you rely on from an information security perspective. As the front-line of any information security program, end-users need awareness, including periodic training sessions that refocus them on the crucial role they play in security programs.

InfoSecurus instructors are active senior security professionals who bring their years of field experience into the classroom. Our instructors have extensive experience writing and delivering custom curricula to meet any training need, and will create an entire program based on your results requirements, organizational culture and learning objectives.

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